Design and Machining Software:

-Autocad 2007
-Autodesk Inventor

Data Translation:

-IGES is preferred, but most translations can be done in house.

Controls Software:

-RS Logic

Machining Capabilities:


    -HURCO BCM50 - X=50" Y=30" Z=24"
    -HAAS TM-1 - X=30" Y=12" Z=20"


    -Manual MIlling Machines
    -Lathe Capabilities
    -Heavy Drilling and Tapping
    -Shear Capabilities of 1/4" x 48" Hot Drawn Steel
    -Welding Capabilities for Steel and Aluminum
    -Plasma Cutting
    -5 Ton Arbor Press
    -65 Ton Brake Press 3/16" x 72"
    -Surface Grinding

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